Wipro Limited does business model rejig following what Capgemini started couple of years back and Accenture announced this year.

Key points of this model:

1.GTM is by geographies

2. Service lines are combined into few segments as lines are blurring between different segments

3. Bye Bye vertical based organization.


Growth is in two areas mainly for large firms.

1. Maximizing revenue from key customers

2. Penetrate new geographies

For this they need to come out of vertical and serviceline silos. For example

Where will EV charging fit in? Is it energy or automotive?

Where will Telematics based insurance fit in? Automotive or insurance?

Where does platforms fit in? Applications or software product engineering?

Where does cloud engineering fits in? Infrastructure or engineering?

Where does product or IoT security fits in? Security or engineering?

Where does manufacturing applications fit in? Engineering or Apps?

Where does wearable fits in? hi-tech or medical device?

I can go on an on as these kind of discussions I have been having with service provider leaders in last couple of years.

No structure is perfect and there will examples where this or any structure creates problems but whole idea is to simplify service lines and vertical based silos.

Will be interesting to see how other service providers evolve their GTM.


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