Engineering Service Industry 4.0

“I am told that there are more than 55,000 engineering service providers and startups in the world. I don't know them yet, but I will try to find them and bring them on the radar of enterprises, service providers and investors =)”
Pareekh Jain, Founder Pareekh Consulting

Pareekh Consulting coverage areas

  • Engineering services: mechanical, embedded, software product engineering, PLM,
  • Industry verticals: automotive, aerospace, telecom, construction
  • Industry 4.0

1. Financial Investors

Service Deliverables
Research on 
  • Firms with given criteria
A long list of target firms with their one-page profiles (ppt)

2. Service Providers

Service Deliverables
Research on:
  • Firms with given criteria for acquisitions, partnerships, investments
  • Target markets and estimating/ identifying relevant market opportunities.
  • Relevant industry trends 

A long list of target firms with their one-page profiles (ppt)
A power point deck + discussion

Thought leadership artefacts creation:
  • Blog
  • Whitepaper
  • Case study
  • Frameworks. models

Blog  ( 500 -700 words)
White paper ( 5-10 pages)

Review of:
  • Growth strategy
  • Market messaging
  • Service offering
  • Bids and proposal


  • Closing gap between strategy and execution

Cheat sheets, gap analysis (document)

3. Enterprises

Setting up
  • GIC

Advisory from planning to actual setup

  • GIC or service provider evaluation/ benchmarking according to requirements

A power point deck + discussion

  • Price benchmarking

A power point deck + discussion

  • Sourcing advisory for enterprise software and services (ADM, infrastructure, cloud, engineering, IoT, RPA, AI)
  • Running the sourcing process from portfolio assessment, use case identification, business case development, RFI/ RFP preparation, selecting service providers, contract negotiation and governance

Advisory from planning to contract 

PoC As-a-Service
  • Identifying relevant use cases in emerging areas - Industry 4.0, IoT, RPA, AI
  • Taking responsibility for delivering PoCs in collaboration with service providers and startups

PoC delivered

Driving innovation agenda
  • Setting up accelerator
  • Business plan/ innovation challenge

Advisory from planning to set up or completion of the accelerator, competition 

4. Industry Associations

Service Deliverables
  • Sector research with a focus on target geographies, services, and verticals

10-20 page document (doc)

Partner Coverage Areas

  • Pricing Insider : price benchmarking, IT software and infrastructure research and sourcing
  • rpa2ai : emerging technologies, RPA, AI, digital research and sourcing